Corporate social responsibility

    Every large organization has a duty to meet basic ethical and economical standards. Fake University is committed to convincing you we do all of those things ,just as we convince the public we actually teach anything.

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Our students work hard... and so do we

It's not enough to just provide world-class educational experience to our students, we must strive to build a better world with what we have.

Fake University believes in whatever the the most popular social movements are these days, to ensure our reputation remains favorable enough that people want to enrol with us.

Accessibility comes first

Our website is designed with an "accessibility first" mindset, which means accessibility is the first thing we think about, right after we've already done the work.

We don't just believe in knocking down barriers to higher education.Accessibility should drive every decision made in shaping the world world around us.

Building a sustainable future

With much of our infrastructure reliant on heavy computing power, its important to offset that energy with meaningless platitudes like planting trees and forgetting to water them.

Higher education is all about preparing the younger generation for there future. Fake University has made a a pledge to ensure that the future is habitible, one dubious claim at a time.

Nurturing our local community

    Given our very unique position of being made up, Fake University has the right to say we're making a huge difference to the local businesses in our area, namely because their aren't any.

    No other institution can boast the suberb level of commitment we have in this field. We don't know how we do it. It's frightening.


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